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How to exploit CVE-2001-1473

We employed a novel approach to an age-old vulnerability in the SSH-1 protocol, as described by CVE-2001-1473. This vulnerability enables a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) server to intercept an SSH-1 session between a client and a vulnerable server, potentially exposing the user’s private key. [Read More]

Industrial blockchain: a state of the art survey

As an underlying and backbone technology of Bitcoin, Blockchain attracted extensive attention worldwide in recent years due to its unique characteristics of decentralization, openness, immutability, anonymity, etc., which enables it to build a trust basis through recording the point-to-point decentralized transactions in an immutable way via the attached timestamp, thereby improving system efficiency and reducing the cost without relying on the central agent. [Read More]

Quantifying the randomness of the forex market

Currency markets are international networks of participants opened all day during weekdays without a supervisory entity. The precise value of an exchange pair is determined by the decisions of the central banks and the behavior of the speculators, whose actions can be determined on the spot or be related to previous decisions. [Read More]

Mix world forex leads (download)

The present compilation of forex leads is sourced from various countries and forex platforms. Among these, the standout leader is the 10brokers platform, with Belize emerging as the top country (making this leak particularly advantageous for those engaged in operations with African countries). [Read More]

Germany crypto leads (download)

Germany is regarded as a prime source for crypto CFD leads due to several factors. Firstly, the country boasts a robust financial sector and a tech-savvy population, fostering a significant interest in cryptocurrencies and financial trading instruments like CFDs. [Read More]

Vulnerability databases

In this concise blog post, we’re delving into a crucial aspect of cybersecurity: databases housing software vulnerabilities. These databases, exemplified by platforms like vulners.com, exploit-db.com, and CVE Details, serve as comprehensive repositories cataloging an array of software weaknesses. [Read More]